Looking for work in Belgium

Are you moving to Belgium, but don't have a job yet? Here are a few possibilities to start your search and apply for a job.

Job vacancies in Belgium are available on various digital platforms and in print. We have listed a few of these options below, to facilitate your search.

The EURES portal

The EURES portal (European employment network) offers job opportunities from all EU countries, and provides information on working conditions and work as well. If you need any help, look for a local EURES Adviser.

Select Belgium on the menu 'All countries' and filter by contract type, education, experience, etc to find the job that fits your profile.

In the Living & Working section of the EURES portal you will find some links which can be useful while looking for a job.

Belgian public employment agencies

In Belgium, employment services are organised by the different regions and communities. This means there are four public employment agencies:

These four public agencies publish job vacancies on their website.

Other operators and media

Belgian job vacancies are published in various media and on the internet. You can find job vacancies on the websites of:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Individual companies
  • Employment agencies

The government has its own recruitment agency: Selor (In French) and Talent Brussels.

Finally, you can also find job vacancies in Belgium on social media and in newspapers.

You can find an overview on the Belgian page ‘How to find a job?’ on EURES. Under 'Related Topics' you find links to websites advertising jobs.

Spontaneous applications

Are you interested in working for a particular company even though they are not currently recruiting? There is no objection to applying spontaneously for a job in Belgium. Why not take a chance and send in your CV with a good cover letter?

You can apply for a job by sending in your CV with a cover letter. Tips on how to write a good CV and successful cover letter can be found on the EURES page 'How to apply for a job?'. This page also includes links to the sites of the regional employment agencies, which can provide very helpful information.

Make sure you publish your CV online: this will increase its visibility. You can do that on the various job sites, but also on EURES or Europass.

Language skills always make a difference, but specifically in Belgium it is a big advantage to highlight any language skills on your CV!

Do you need any help finding a job in Belgium? Do your language skills need bruching up? Would additional training ennhance your job opportunities? In that case, make sure you consult the EURES portal to find a local EURES adviser or visit the websites of the different regional public employement agencies.

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